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Euro vs Dollar Forex Chart Analysis 8 July 2010

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The short squeeze higher for the euro vs dollar appears to be coming to an end with yesterday’s doji cross candle signalling a weak market, lacking both momentum and positive sentiment.  Indeed in this morning’s early trading the pair appear to be struggling once again, having touched USD1.2688 overnight are now trading lower at USD1.2653 at time of writing, confined once again to a very narrow trading range.  The price congestion now ahead between USD1.2650 and USD1.2835 may well cap the rally at this point and, if so, we can expect to see a sharp move lower in due course with the pair breaking back below the 3 short term moving averages which are currently underpinning the move.

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Euro vs Dollar Monthly Forex Chart 8 July 2010

Longer term, of course, the outlook is still heavily bearish as evidenced on the monthly chart where only the 200 month moving average has provided a platform for the recovery we are seeing in July.  Once this indicator is broken then we can expect to see the bearish trend established once again with USD1.15 being our longer term target and some market analysts even forecasting a drop to parity in due course (see video link below).

Today’s fundamental news is centred on the ECB interest rate decision and statement while in the US we have the weekly unemployment claims and crude oil inventories.  Of these releases the ECB statement could provide a degree of volatility.

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A “good” euro decline