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Euro vs Dollar – Euro Dollar Daily Chart 1st July 2009

Euro To Dollar - Euro vs USD Daily Currency Chart 1st June 2009

The euro vs dollar continued its indecisive and meandering price action yesterday against a backdrop of month and quarter end liquidations and position squaring coupled with the prospect of a train crash on Thursday with the ECB going head to head with the Non Farm Payroll numbers and I suspect that we will see further sideways price action today as a result.  Yesterday’s low of the day once again found some support from the 9 day moving average and with the 14 day now crossing below this indicator, suggests that any move today may be to the upside.  What will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess and my trading suggestion is to stand well clear until early next week when the markets will have absorbed the news and made a decision on the short to medium term direction for the US Dollar, associated pairs and commodities.   Details of the fundamental news on the economic calendar for the euro vs dollar pair can be found on the main Eurodollar site.

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