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Euro vs Dollar Monthly Chart – February 2nd 2009

Euro vs Dollar Monthly Chart - 2nd February 2009

Contrary to the weekly candle chart for the euro vs dollar, the monthly chart has given us a two bar reversal, not quite bearish engulfing, but close, with the pair closing 1200 pips lower on the month. More significantly the close is now well below all the moving averages adding weight to the move. However a word of caution, as in the last four months we have seen extreme volatility in the market, with abnormal price spreads in the monthly periods, which make trading on the long term time frame extremely difficult at the moment as there is no established pattern or trend to the currency pair. My suggestion for long term trading would therefore be to stay out of the euro vs dollar as a long term trade, and use the weekly and daily signals for short term trading, and wait for a more orderly trend to be established before opening long term positions.


  1. Deborah preste says:

    Hi , I have one question, do I change my dollars to euro now or should I wait till I get to Italy in June? thank you , deborah

  2. admin says:

    Current dollar weakness is likely to continue in short term and depending on amount you are looking to exchange you may wish to fix your rate now. hope that helps. anna

  3. Sean S. says:

    i am no expert but i maed a chart of the changes over the past five years and for the most part it seems that April and June-July are the only months that the rates are lowest during each year.

  4. Blake Thompson says:

    I am moving to Paris in January but need to pay rent, deposits, Insurance, Fees up front today …the Dollar and Euro is at 1.49 right now…I will be staying for 4 months from January to May and want to know if I should convert my money now or later? Should I ride the roller coaster or get it fixed now? originally a few months ago when I started looking it was down around 1.40…so any suggestions help.

  5. admin says:

    Hi – move to Paris sounds fantastic. Today’s blog post is the best answer I can give at the moment. Hope it helps. Anna PS Paris in Jan/Feb is really cold!

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