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Anna’s Free Market Analysis

As I’m sure you know by now, I am a full time trader and have developed this and several other sites to help give you an introduction to all the various aspects of trading so that perhaps you may avoid some of the costly mistakes I have made over the years. Having traded in many different instruments and several different markets, one of the hardest things I found when starting was to find good quality, impartial, common sense advice, distilled from the noise of the markets that surrounds us all, whether we like it or not! The tidal wave of information that arrives on our screens and in print, minute by minute can be completely overwhelming at times, confusing our thoughts and colouring our trading decisions.

Naturally I do not want to add to this tsunami of information, but I hope that my market commentaries will provide some sensible and rational thoughts on the various markets, which I plan to be thought provoking, and provide some deeper insight into the often complex and confusing world of trading and investing. It is not intended as a tip sheet, as I do provide suggested trades elsewhere on my various trading blogs, but more as an overview considering the broader fundamental and technical issues in the market.

I hope that you will find it useful and informative and if you would like to receive the latest copy and to receive future issues direct to your inbox on a regular basis, please just complete the details below, and thank you in advance for taking the trouble – I’m sure you will find it worthwhile.

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  1. chandan sharma says:

    have a good trading,
    i don’t find ur analasis trust worthy b’coz all ur forcast and analasis are published when day has pass .today is 18 nov. and here u r showing analasis of 16 nov . stop making fool peaple.

  2. admin says:

    In order to get my latest market forecasts you need to sign up for my newsletter – the blog posts are simply a snapshot of the market. I have not written a forecast for the last couple of days so the post is dated the 16th November. Hope this explains the issue for you and good luck with your trading in the future – regards Anna

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